john davis

assistant instructor/dojo manager

Michael Peterson, 1st Kyu,  began studying Aikido in 1993 under Paul Martin Sensei and continued under his son Todd Martin Sensei for a total of seven years and obtained the rank of second Kyu. Both of them are affiliated with United States Aikido Federation (USAF). He graduated from college and moved out of state unable to continue his study of aikido. After returning from deployment, he returned to Aikido in 2015 joining Tri-City Aikido TenShin dojo under the instruction of Brandon Needham sensei affiliated with Bushido TenShin Aikido federation.  mike obtained his 1st kyu directly from Brandon needham sensei.

he is currently assisting with instruction of the adults program.

Mike peterson

assistant instructor

An official tenshin dojo under the b.t.f.

TRI-CITY aikido

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in 2013 john joined tri-city aikido.  having no prior aikido experience he embraced the tenshin aikido way and immediately knew it was what he was looking for.  john has remained very dedicated and vigilant in his aikido training and applies it to his daily life. 

john currently oversees dojo management and operations in addition to being one of the senior students in the dojo.  john runs the aikido basics/beginners classes and assists with instruction during regular classes.

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