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What is Bushido Tenshin aikido:

Let's begin by touching a little deeper into traditional Aikido. Traditional Aikido gets its foundation from Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu.  The traditional Aikido techniques are often large circles, creating flowing almost dancey types of movements.  It is a wonderful and fun way to practice moving meditation. However, trying to perform these meditative movements in a combat situation is where it gets problematic.  Even though Aikido's base is in Daito Ryu, O'Sensei's Aikido in later years was much softer than his practices earlier in his life, when his techniques were tighter and were known to be quite martial.

The Tenshin methodology and Bushido Tenshin style of Aikido focus on O'Sensei's earlier, more martial forms of Aikido.

While John Araujo Sensei spent many years studying traditional Aikido, he was constantly in search of a form of the art that could be used effectively. He searched for a decade until Araujo Sensei experienced and trained in the Tenshin Aikido methodology under Steven Seagal's Shihan direct students and disciples/deshi's (Harau Matsouka Sensei, Craig Dunn Sensei, Louis Santos Sensei and Elliot Freeman Sensei). After training under such a unique and functional application of the art, Araujo Sensei embraced the teachings of  the Tenshin methodology which serves as the foundation of Bushido Tenshin Aikido.  Bushido Tenshin Aikido has evolved into a very unique form of Aikido focused on the martial side of the art. Beacause of this, it only stands to reason that Bushido Tenshin Aikido blaze its own path as an independent form of Aikido.  Organized under the Bushido Tenshin Aikido Federation, Bushido Tenshin Aikido can focus on a functional and practical form of Aikido instead of the meditative. Both forms offer tremendous value and both are valid approaches differing only in what a new student is looking for; art or function.

Just as the Aikido taught at the original Tenshin Aikido Dojo is Take Sensei's (Steven Seagal Shihan) interpretation of Aikikai Aikido, Araujo Sensei's Aikido is his own interpretation of Aikido, known as Bushido Tenshin Aikido. Araujo Sensei's Aikido is built upon the foundation of the Tenshin methodology. This, combined with the addition of Araujo Sensei's own methods and teachings forms the basis for Bushido Tenshin Aikido.  It is an intense Martial Art for intense situations. Training can appear intimidating at its higher levels. Attacks are fast and powerful, technique is quick and fierce. But fear not, students are not required to do anything beyond their current skill. Proper instruction and guidance will guide each student to the higher levels. 

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