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Brandon Needham Sensei is a GoDan (5th Degree Black Belt) in Aikido and was given the title of Shidoin by John Araujo Sensei of the Bushido TenShin Aikido Federation.  He is the DojoCho and Chief Instructor of Tri-City Aikido TenShin Dojo of Richland, Washington and has been studying Aikido for over 20 years.

Sensei Needham has trained with several Aikido instructors and high ranking Shihan over the years including Bernie Lau Sensei, Frank Ani Sensei,  Jim Eggleston Sensei, Fujiko Gardner Sensei,  Mike Bissonette Sensei, Luis Santos Shihan and Hiroshi Isoyama Shihan among many others.

In 2002 while training at the Tacoma Aiki Dojo he attended a TenShin Aikido seminar which was his first hands on introduction to Sensei Steven Seagals method of Aikido.

After several years of studying TenShin Aikido Sensei Needham moved to Eastern Washington for a job transfer and he opened his first Aikido Dojo and began teaching Aikido in the Tri-Cities, Washington area while still being associated with his old dojo from Tacoma.

In 2014 Needham Sensei was accepted into the Bushido TenShin Aikido Federation and is now a Direct student of John Araujo Sensei.  Tri-City Aikido was then established as an official TenShin Dojo and was re-named Tri-City Aikido TenShin Dojo.  Sensei Needham travels to Araujo Shihan's dojo several times a year to train and recertify his skill set.

Sensei Needham received his GoDan in Aikido directly from Sensei John Araujo, head of the Bushido TenShin Aikido Federation. 

in july 2015 needham sensei was honored to have been approached and asked by araujo shihan  to be the vice president of the bushido tenshin aikido federation to which was graciously and  happily accepted. 

An official tenshin dojo under the b.t.f.