An official tenshin dojo under the b.t.f.

TRI-CITY aikido

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dojo rates and federation fee's

Membership Dues: Monthly dues are $40 per month payable to Legacy Jiujitsu.  An automatic payment system has been set up and is the prefered method for monthly dues payments.  Dojo members understand they must pay their dues every month, regardless of how many, or few, classes they choose to attend in a month, for as long as they consider themselves members of the dojo.  If you miss making payments, and wish to continue training, you may incur additional fees.

There are yearly dues which must be paid to the Bushido tenshin aikido organization in order to remain a member of the dojo and member in good standing of the organization.

                  Bushido Tenshin Aikido Organization/Federation Yearly Fee: $50.00 Once a year per person.  federation renewal fees are due by December 31st of every year.